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Our 4x4 model provides a robust process for managing your IT outsourcing needs. This involves four main stages; investigate, architect, plan and implement, underpinned by four core competencies which must be well-established within your organisation.

Outsourcing Consultancy

Stage 1 – Investigate; we will analyse what you currently do in terms of outsourcing, establishing what you want to do, why you want to do it and most importantly whether you are ready to outsource; we will ensure that you set achievable, manageable goals to optimise your results.

Stage 2 – Architect; together we will detail your precise goals and the specific strategy you need to employ in order to attain success. We will also design your outline operating model.

Stage 3 – Plan; a detailed plan is essential to success. We will provide a concise, yet thorough plan with step-by-step tasks for achieving your goals.

Stage 4 – Implement; the implementation of this model is multifaceted. We will assist you with selecting the vendor(s), negotiating contracts and the transition, as well as operating and monitoring your outsourcing process.

Strong core competencies really come into play when starting and executing the outsourcing process. If your organisation is not mature in certain key areas then you will be less likely to attain a successful outsourcing deal. We will identify any areas which may become liabilities and help you to develop these areas and therefore maximise outsourcing benefits. Notable areas which must be well-managed are; the selection process, contract negotiation, change management, transition and transformation. We have the expertise and experience necessary to ensure that your organisation is secure in each of these areas, and therefore ready to take on an outsourcing opportunity.