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Testing solutions at your fingertips; we provide support and advice for your Testers and Test Managers to ensure your projects run on time. Our Enterprise Solutions offer advanced Software Testing Solutions as well as the highest level of assistance available to our users. Once your account is set up we are available to you at any time you find convenient.

Enterprise Level
Standard Service: $175/hour » (20 hour blocks)

This is our basic Test Service Solutions package which provides the essential tools and assistance to ensure that your projects run smoothly. Our services range from advice and Test Solutions through to on-line training of your staff. You'll have complete access to the best consultants in the field, to oversee your project and optimize your results.
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Premium Service: $400/hour » (10 hour blocks)

Our Premium Service is the ultimate package in Software Testing Services. Our consultants have years of experience in testing and giving appropriate solutions. This service is the top-tier level of service, for those areas of Software Testing requiring the highest level of monitoring. This package is essentially our consultation service, which provides you with direct access to our wealth of knowledge and professional insight into your particular testing problems.
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Hotline Service: $995/month

This service is essentially a hotline which your Testers and Test Managers can call for guaranteed consultation from our professionals. We will ensure that all calls are either immediately answered or swiftly responded to, and that you receive immediate advice and solutions. The Hotline Service provides you with an insurance policy against any Testing issues, and provides another level of access to our top consultancy services.
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Test Planning: $5000

Planning Your Software Testing Requirements
We will meet with you to comprehensively map out your company's current situation, highlighting any potential problem areas as well as assessing any opportunities that may be open to you in the Software Testing sector. We will work with you to devise an appropriate, workable plan to enhance your existing proficiencies and ensure that all future projects achieve the best possible results. We will not only devote our time to the development of this plan, we will also monitor the implementation of this plan; our team will be involved with the setup of new technologies, training of your staff and will provide you with the hands-on assistance required to optimize performance.
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Professional Level for individuals
TestClub Membership - Monthly subscription $50.00 + $70.00 per hour

Cadresse' professional level packages are designed to assist Software Testing Engineers and Test Managers in an efficient and discreet manner. Any employee of a large organisation may sometimes desire advice or assistance that they don't feel able to seek from their boss or colleagues for any number of reasons. We can offer a simple solution; access to a wealth of information, training and on the spot advice and solutions for any Software Testing requirements, all through our online services. These will ensure you long term success due to the immeasurable benefits of our information store and constantly available assistance. You can even request a mentor to guide your through your projects.
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